Friday, October 7, 2011

Go Phillies!

Michael was not involved in this photo shoot.  It is unfortunate that he is a loyal Braves fan.  He is unaware that I am posting these pictures!  I think later in the day I might have some explaining to do.  Go Phillies!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Soooooooo while I was shopping two months ago I saw this little giraffe sitting on a shelf in Babies"R"Us.  It struck me that I have seen this silly little toy in millions of pictures with little babies on Facebook, yes Facebook.  No one (including me) is shy when it comes to publishing adorable baby pictures online, especially when you think EVERY picture of your little one is the cutest!  I realized that I have seen "Sophie" the famous giraffe in many baby pictures this year.  I thought, why not?  Edward needs to have Sophie the giraffe too!  When the cashier scanned Sophie, I learned that she was $22!  For this silly little rubber giraffe?  Are you kidding me?  Well, okay then.....  I'll take it!  As I drove home I thought, Edward, you better LOVE Sophie!

To my dismay, Edward barely looked at Sophie the first month.  I tried to put Sophie in his hands and he would simply drop her.  I would stand Sophie up right in front of him, and he would look away and reach for another toy.  I was pretty disappointed, until about three weeks ago he started to bite her foot.  Hooray, I thought!  FINALLY!  And he still has not put her down!  Sophie can keep Edward occupied for hours!  And she helps us distract him when we have to give him his awful tasting medicines.  And she is helping his little gums feel better because he is teething!  Sophie, you were expensive, but we love you!