Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life's a BEACH!!!!!!

Edward was able to go on two vacations this summer!  Michael, Edward, and I spent a week at Kiawah Island, SC with the Johnson family.  We had a great time relaxing with family, laughing over late night stories and drinks, and watching Eddie play with his Johnson cousins. Eddie loved eating chocolate cake with Papa Johnson, somedays even early in the morning, but hey, it was vacation. He went on bike rides everyday with Daddy, even though he protested wearing his helmet, he still enjoyed it. And, Eddie learned how to be a big angry giant at the beach by stomping on sand castles only seconds after construction.  He thought it was hilarious.  And he loved the ocean.  What a little fish!  He kept saying "Daddy go out more, go out more!" as he wanted to go deeper in the ocean!  Just like Mom and Dad, he loves the beach!
 More running.......
And more running..... "Eddie, come back!" no answer.... no look stopping! What a stinker!
 Laughing after we chased him down the beach!
Wrestling and splashing with Daddy!
At the Charleston aquarium.  He was able to hold a hermit crab and a starfish!                                                   
 Burning off some more energy!  This kid does not stay in the stroller for long anymore!
Edward's new books from the gift shop!
Completely delirious, as we drive home after running wild in the aquarium. NAP TIME!
 Going down the huge bouncy slide at the Kiawah Family Night Festival.
 And riding the the train with Mommy!

And, Eddie and I just returned from our visit to Ocean City New Jersey!  We spent another week hitting the beach and visiting with the Schusters!  Besides the actual beach, the big hit of the week was going to the boardwalk to go on the rides.  Because last summer was spent getting chemo and feeling so sick, we were never able to take him to the rides.  He loved every minute, and after each ride he would say "Another one Mom!  Another one Mom!"
 Yep, I burst into tears when the boats started going around!  He looked like such a big boy!

 Cheese!!!!! My best boy! My big boy! Where did the time go?
 Loved watching everything going on all around him :)
 Driving the boat like he had done it a million times.....
 Annnnnnddddddd the glasses are off!
 Riding in the sparkle car!  Beeping the horn and laughing!
 Oh. My. Gosh.... Are you sure that was a kiddie size cone Uncle Danny?
 Edward didn't let anyone take that cone from him!
This is what happens when you bite off the BOTTOM of the cone first! He does it EVERY time!
 Having popsicles with all of the Valasek cousins!  What a picture!
 Can't believe they all sat on the steps together for that long!
Summer love!
 Went with the girls to the fire station in Stone Harbor to see the trucks, but Eddie said, "Wait Mom, I gotta give him knuckles." Haha, my Eddie, you are a funny boy! By the way it's a STATUE!  He obviously doesn't get this concept yet, because when we went to the zoo, he also thought the monkey statue was real. Haha so funny!
 Eddie and Emily! Two little preemies, growing up too fast, and constantly surprising us all :)
 Eddie, Emily and Sarah, sitting on the front of a fire truck! SO cool!
 And we have fireman helmets!

 MELT DOWN...... This picture is so funny!  Eddie is a disaster after a no nap day, Emily is confused as to why Eddie is crying, Sarah is smiling for the camera, ignoring everything else, and George is saying, "Oh Geez, what is wrong with these kids?"
 We also went to the Cape May Zoo one morning and Edward and Pop-Pop were able to get their annual giraffe picture!
 Watching the giraffes eat lunch!!
 Zebras!  And Eddie kept saying "What they doing Pop?  WHat they doing Pop?"  And he pretty much said that over and over again every time we stopped to see a new animal.
 Watching the ducks with Aunt Nicole!
 Using his brand new BLUE shovel.... Although this shovel actual IS blue, Eddie says EVERYTHING is blue....
 Splashing in the 58 degee water.  Grammy is having so much fun....
 Haha! Or she is FREEZING!

 Digging with Aunt Nicole.  Eddie loved when we filled it with water. And he also loved bossing me around. He would hand me a bucket and say, "We need more water Mom!"
Digging for sand crabs with Uncle Danny.  We lost a few sand crabs, and by lost, I mean, Eddie squeezed them a little too tightly and they, ugh, floated, back into heaven, I mean, the ocean..... Yeah, we are working on this....
Thanks for my lollipop Uncle Danny.  Danny bought Edward about 7 or 8 lollipops.  I told Danny when Eddie's teeth start falling out, I am coming to find him!

Uncle Joey was trying to ask Eddie about his new house in Cleveland.  He said, "Eddie, where do you live now?" and without skipping a beat Eddie replied, "At the beach!" Haha, too funny! Of course you do Edward, or at least you think we live at the beach!  But so far, this summer is way better than last summer :) We are almost 1 year post chemo, and life's a beach!  Just ask him!