Sunday, February 26, 2012

On The Move!

Edward is not yet walking but he is getting closer and closer, and he is definitely cruising!  He is in that dangerous stage where he can pull up on anything he wants to, but he doesn't always have his balance.  He might be standing somewhere, see a toy across the room, and lunge for it!  He is keeping me on my toes, that's for sure.  He is using the push toy to walk but when I reach out my hands for him to let go and come to me, he promptly sits down :) Sweet boy!  Here are some pictures of our crazy life in this house!  Come on spring!

This is what our lovely living room looks like every afternoon.  The couch cushions are blocking Edward from the fireplace..... just in case you are wondering.... Clearly, this child is so neglected that he barely has enough toys to play with and keep him occupied.
Helping Mommy empty the dishwasher, which really means throwing spoons all over the floor.  Don't worry, all of the knives are now in the back of the dishwasher....
The sweetest picture I have been able to take :) I used to be able to watch the Today Show every morning while feeding him.  I would catch up on the news, the latest trends, have a few laughs by myself, feel slightly connected to the world, until Edward figured out how to work the DVD player.  Yes I realize I can take the Sesame Street DVD out of the DVD player, but sometimes watching this is much better.
Helping Mommy.......... rearrange the tubberware cabinet??? Well, whatever because this kept him busy for 45 minutes!  I was able to make coffee, breakfast for both of us, start the laundry, and make the bottles for the day!
His physical therapist asked if we had a laundry basket that he could use to stand up against or play with when kneeling.  He complied for a while, but now his newest activity is climbing OVER the laundry basket. 
He is saying, " Mommy please let me in!  I promise I won't splash in Winston's water bowl anymore!" Gross, gross, gross.  The darn dog bowl is the first thing he wants to grab.  Now we keep it up high out of sight, meanwhile poor Winston is suffering from chronic dehydration...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Everyone deserves a little bit of chocolate on Valentine's Day... right?  What do you think Edward?