Monday, April 29, 2013

Charleston Beach Week 2013

A girls trip!  NO boyfriends, NO husbands, just 8 girls...... and Eddie!  That's right, Eddie experienced his 1st spring break of his life, and it was fabulous for him AND me!  Suddenly, the night before we were supposed to leave I found myself really nervous and wanting to back out last minute.  Of course Michael taledk some sense into me.  He said, "Kate, you ARE going away with SEVEN nicu nurses... I think you'll be okay." I agreed and excitedly packed every outfit Eddie owned. And I am so incredibly glad we went. He was the center of attention all day, everyday.  He now has seven girlfriends!  Haha!  We stayed at the Wild Dunes resort in an awesome condo close to the pool and beach. We visited the Charleston Aquarium, played at pool, splashed in the waves, built sand castles, went on bike rides at sunset, and ate ice cream every night.  On the last night, all of the girls went out to a fancy dinner in downtown Charleston, but Eddie and I stayed behind to have a date night ourselves, and to let the girls have a stress free dinner.  He was so upset that he cried for 15 minutes when they left. He stood hopelessly at the window saying in the most pathetic voice,  "Girls, where are you?"  Check out some pictures of our amazing trip! I apologize, the pictures are not in chronological order.

Oh, and by the way, Eddie is doing great.  We have out next EUA at Wills Eye on May 8th.  As you can tell Eddie does not have his glasses on in any of these pictures... yes, we took a little break on vacation (bad move, Mama, bad move) and now we are trying to get back into our glasses wearing routine.... Eddie has been very stubborn, and protests the wearing of his glasses, but I am practicing the art of toddler bribery and making progress each day.
Beautiful weather, beautiful waters
The Charleston Aquarium
Sooo pretty!
Edward and his girls!  
Cooling off
Lindsay and Ashley
Palmetto trees
Cooper River Bridge
Brunch at Eli's Kitchen! Would be an awesome picture if Eddie had his eyes OPEN!
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!
Albino alligator..... very cool!
The beach!
Meghan and Sara.
Walking along the pier.
Baby clams....... and I probably shouldn't tell anyone else this story, but Eddie ATE one... yep, put it in his mouth, crunched it with his teeth, swallowed, opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue, and said, "All done Mommy."  Grossed. Me. Out. 
Taylor, Ashley, Sarah, Danielle, Lindsay, and me
Splashing in the fountain!
NO more Eddie, it's too cold! Followed by tantrum, followed by running back into the ocean, and falling over, head first into the water, drenched....
Meghan, Danielle, Lindsay, and Sarah hanging out around the fountain!
Look Eddie! A shark!
Sea Otters are the most graceful swimmers!  Eddie was giggling and giggling as they flipped about!
Eddie's facial expression here cracks me up!  He is saying, "Seriously, why did you dress me up in this?"
Driving the safari jeep.
Flipped head first into that boat as soon as he got into the play area.  Maniac!
Me and my love!
5 dollar croakies for Eddie. Worth it. 
More fish!
Holding a star fish!
We are gonna miss Lindsay when we move :(
Not so excited about having to wear the helmet. Sorry bud, you have to.
Riding on the back of Lindsay's bike on the beach!
Absolutely no fear!  Petting a snake! This child definitely causes heart palpitations!
Me, Eddie, Lindsay and Ashley
The Cooper River Bridge
Passed OUT after our aquarium trip!
So funny!  He is such a peanut!
A water bug!
The pool is still freezing... but Eddie didn't care. He played for hours!
Eddie and Lindsay on our deck
Ready for the beach at 9 a.m.
Do you think we had fun??????