Saturday, February 15, 2014

3rd Year Report Card

Edward's 3rd Year Report Card 

Weight: 26 lbs 4 oz (HE MADE THE GROWTH CHART! He is in the 1-2% for weight)

Height: 35 and 1/4 inches (and 5-8 % for height!)

Clothes Size:  2T pants and 3T tops

Diaper Size: 5

Teeth: He loves brushing his teeth, but. it. takes. forever! And we are working on spitting out the toothpaste too!

Daily Medicines: No medicine but he takes a Flintstones multi-vitamin

Drinking: Still whole milk, since he is barely on the growth chart

Foods: anything and everything!  this kid is an insanely healthy (read 'picky') eater, I guess you could say, but that is why he can't gain any weight.  He loves fruits and vegetables.  Eddie would gladly take a bowl of blueberries instead of a donut for breakfast.  He eats spinach leaves and tomatoes off of my plate and demands his own.  He will start a fight if you are eating cucumbers and are not sharing with him. He is quite possibly the only toddler in the grocery store biting a green pepper like it's an apple and sneaking raw green beans like they are licorice.  Seriously, he is such a weirdo.  I try to give him chicken nuggets for dinner and I have to bribe him to take a bite using broccoli and cherry tomatoes.  I put butter and olive oil on EVERYTHING I cook.  I sneak peanut butter and full fat yogurt in his smoothies. I put the full fat chips, cookies, crackers, etc. and he would rather eat my Smartpop popcorn. I buy calorie rich ice cream and he opts for a sugar free popsicle as his dessert.  I try and I try and I try, but, Eddie is a little guy and he is growing and following his growth curve, so little he will be!

Farts: still pretty darn stinky :) and LOUD and now he thinks its incredibly funny to fart as loudly as possible and look immediately for our reaction

Language:  Eddie's language provides us with our daily dose of humor.  He says the most wild and bizarre things, and sometimes the most heart warming and sweet things.  You just NEVER know what he is going to say. Like when he said to his teacher as I was walking out the door, "Sometimes I lick her face, like a lizard." Ummmm what?  Haha!  Both the teacher and I had a good laugh, but sometimes Eddie can put us in the most awkward situations.  When we were paying for his new sports googles, the sweet little old lady behind the counter asked him, "What are you going to play when you wear your new glasses?  Are you going to play basketball or soccer?" And my Edward responds by assertively stating, "We dance naked sometimes...."  Ummmm, what? ...hahaha...awkard laughs, hahaha... awkward silence.  OMG!  Mike and I could not wait to get out of there.  Where did that come from?  Yes, Eddie has started a habit of dancing butt naked in his room as we try to put his pajamas on after bath time.  We also have been letting him dance or "do his moves" as  he calls this routine, for over a year now, and so we thought nothing of this.  We never thought he would declare "We dance naked sometimes."  Hahaha! Edward!  YOU dance naked, WE do NOT dance naked...  Ahhhh but other days he can warm your heart with one little thought.  I was trying on my bridesmaids dress for my brother's upcoming wedding, and Eddie walked in my room.  And he asked, "You gonna be a princess Mom?"  Ahh, so sweet, and I said, yes, I am going to be a princess.  Then, he followed that thought with an even sweeter question, "Daddy gonna dance with you Mom?" Oh, yes he is I said, trying not to fall over and give him a million kisses.  I guess we DID take him to Disney on Ice and I DID watch Cinderella with him a few weeks ago on t.v. but I wasn't expecting that!  He completely melted my heart.  I wish all things Disney could completely melt my heart, but I am having a huge problem with Captain Hook on Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  Unfortunately, Eddie loves that show, and for the most part, it is a nice show.  Except for the fact that Captain Hook consistently declares, "NEVER!" when asked to do something.  Edward has also adopted this response and now I have to listen to "NEVER!" at every simple request, even, "Eddie put on your shoes please." I will then hear a big fat "NEVER!" and sometimes I have to turn around and just laugh out loud.  But believe me, by the end of the day when I say,"Edward it's time for bed buddy," it is exhausting to hear, "NEVER! NEVER ever NEVER ever NEVER ever!"  Captain Hook, you are driving me CRAZY!
Naps: no more naps :( yes it is sad but true, but he is sleeping better at night without his daily nap

Night Sleep: roughly 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. with an occasional "MOM, I want some milk to drink!  Can you get me some milk?"

Accomplishments:  Edward has changed so much over the past year.  He is no longer a baby and is definitely a little boy.  He is going to nursery school now on Thursday and Friday mornings.  I drop Eddie off, he gives me a big hug and waves goodbye with no problem.  I appreciate Edward's confidence and I am so proud of him.  He loves nursery school, his teachers, and his friends.  From the moment he walks in, he makes me so proud.  He hangs up his own jacket on his hook with his picture, he washes his hands, and then he "signs in" by placing his key chain on the attendance chart.  At school he builds with blocks, paints, colors, glues, sings songs, dances at Music class, reads during quiet time and listens to the teacher during story time.  He rides a tricycle  and climbs on the rock climbing wall in the gym.  He pours his own cup of water during snack time, and cleans up his placemat and throws his trash in the trash can. He goes pee-pee on the potty by himself, he puts on his jacket by himself, and puts on his hat and mittens by himself.  Have I mentioned that he does all of these things by himself???   AND have I mentioned that one of his favorite phrases lately is, "I do it by myself!" Edward wants to do EVERYTHING by himself.  He wants to get dressed by himself, brush his teeth by himself, go up and down the steps by himself, snap the buckles in the carseat himself, etc!  The list continues to keep growing and growing!  While I know this is good and normal development for a 3 year old, everything takes so much longer to do!  AHH! Slightly frustrating, but I am learning to leave more time to do simple things, because he needs this learning experience.  

Upcoming appointments: Edward has his 6th month MRI and oncology clinic visit coming up on March 28th.  He will be having that done here at the Cleveland Clinic. Then, we will travel to Philadelphia to have his 6th month check up under anesthesia with Dr. Shields.  That appointment will be either April 2nd or April 9th.  I have to call this week to have him put on the schedule.  And on Feb. 25th Eddie will go to the dentist for the first time.  We are hoping the chemotherapy he received didn't do too much damage to his teeth!