Sunday, October 7, 2012

MRI Results

Sorry for the delay in this post, but we got our MRI results last week and everything looked stable.  We monitor the tumors in his eyes closely with Dr. Shields in Philadelphia and use the MRI to check for extension of the tumor into the pineal gland - part of the brain.  The chances of spread to the brain are very low, but if this does occur, the consequences are devastating.  Fortunately, the MRI showed no evidence of any tumor spread to the brain.  The MRI cannot obtain a very precise picture of the tumors in his eyes, especially in comparison to the direct eye exam.  But at the same time, the MRI can show if the tumor is extending backwards, towards the brain.  Again, fortunately, there was no evidence of this either!  All in all, very good news.

With the MRI results in hand and his blood work coming back with good results, Edward's oncologist felt comfortable pulling his PICC line!!  Five months ago, Edward underwent general anesthesia to have the PICC line placed - we were finally going to get it out!  Taking the PICC line out is much easier than putting it in and it only took Edward's nurses a couple minutes before it was long gone!  As always, Edward did not seem phased at all and kept going about his business.  But at bathtime that night, he realized something was different.  Katie was actually filling the tub up with water - something that had not been done since April.  Edward was so excited, he tried to jump in fully clothed.  Forty-five minutes later, every single one of Edward's fingers were soaked and wrinkled.  As Katie tried to get him out after nearly an hour, he kept yelling "No!....No!....No!"  Eventually, she coerced him out, but bathtime has transformed from a harried 2-3 minutes to 30-45 minutes of pure joy.  After we eat dinner, Edward will now start running up the stairs to get a head start on his bath.

The next step is another eye exam under anesthesia in Philadelphia at Wills Eye on October 24th.  The first year after chemo is very telling and we are hopeful that we are able to avoid the 20% chance of tumor recurrence.  Edward will not need another MRI until March 2013.

Carter's Mountain with Grammie and Papa Johnson- Apples, Pumpkins, and Apple Cider Donuts!