Monday, September 30, 2013

My Best Friend Michael

Dear God,

I just want to thank you so much for my best friend Michael Campbell.  He lives across the street from me here in Cleveland.  We play together every day!  Michael has bright red hair, a contagious laugh, and lots and lots of toys and books.  I love playing at his house and he loves playing at mine.  He is my best friend. Our mommies are best friends too, I think.  They always say we are blessed to be neighbors. Our daddies work long hours at the hospital "fixing hearts" and so our mommies love having each other.

Michael's Mommy's name is Laura.  She gives me lots of treats like cookies and bunny crackers.  Mommy and Laura take us to do lots of fun things.  We go to Kindermusik together on Tuesdays and go to Shaker Family Center on Wednesdays for open gym.  They also take us to the Cleveland Zoo, different playgrounds, the swimming pool, and the mall (although both mommies decided we weren't on our best behavior).  We also go to the Children's Museum and the library story time.  We are busy little bees!

Michael has taught me a lot of new things.  Michael taught me how to stack blocks, and now I can stack blocks into really high towers.  Michael shows me how to play with his trucks and dig in his sand box.  I teach Michael lots of tricks too, although, Mommy doesn't think that the things  I teach Michael are good things.  I teach him how to climb on tables, how to go down the slide backwards, and how to get naked and take off my clothes.  Laura is hoping Michael doesn't learn how to climb out of his crib yet, like I did.

Tomorrow is Michael's 2nd birthday, God, and I just wanted to thank you for him.  This is my first year of playing like a normal kid, with a much better immune system, and less restrictions, and I am having a blast.  I can't wait to see Michael every day and see where Mommy and Laura are going to take us.  Thank you God, for the best neighbors and friends we could ask for in a new, big city.  What a blessing!  Happy Birthday Michael!


Friday, September 6, 2013

1st Day of Nursery School!

Yep, Edward started nursery school today!  He is in a "Moving On Up" program just on Fridays from 9:45- 11:45 a.m. throughout the fall semester.  This is a really neat program that allows/requires the parents to go for the first 6 Fridays with the student and then gradually the parents will be kicked out of the door!  I am not worried about Eddie at all, because he played like a maniac today for the entire 2 hours.  He might be a little nervous when I have to leave, but I think I might be the one crying!  He is such a big boy, but he is still my little baby!

In the Spring, the program is then extended to Thursdays and Fridays, but I can't really even think that far ahead yet!

Man, oh man, was he excited!

And I was excited to be in a classroom again!  Not exactly doing my normal 5th grade smack down, but these little kiddies are quite BUSY!  I was exhausted after our 2 hours and we both ended up taking afternoon naps!

Happy Friday everyone!  Cheers!  And GO IRISH!