Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Our Best News Yet...

Eddie had his 6 month MRI and eye exam on September 25th and everything looked great! The tumors in both eyes are stable, no change. Next eye exam/MRI in March.

Mary Elizabeth had 2 eye exams and both appeared normal but more importantly we received her genetic test results back last week and she does NOT show the same gene mutation that her brother has that causes retinoblastoma. What. a. huge. relief.  No more eye exams for her.

There are many more details and I would write more but I am typing with one hand! Life with 2 is constantly busy but we are doing well. Mary Elizabeth is 2 months old and over 8 lbs now.  Eddie is loving his baby sister, especially when she farts or burps, which honestly happens all day long.

We are blessed to have Eddie's retinoblastoma under control and we are blessed to hear that his sister won't have to go through what he had to go through.  We were prepared for and expected a 2nd NICU baby but we were not prepared to have another cancer baby.  We were saddened to hear of another little boy who lost his life to retinoblastoma at St. Jude's this past week.  So as we share our great news, we also share our condolences to the Helms family.

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